iMovie Basics (Computer Editing)

EnvisionVideo Academy LLC
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In this iMovie Basics course, you will learn how to use the tools within iMovie to edit your videos.

This course is downloadable and you will be able to keep these lessons forever.  Lifetime access!

You will also receive a free 15-minute coaching call with Amiya for any additional questions that you may have.

Envision and create something great today!

This course will cover 21 lessons in which you will learn...

  • iMovie workspace
  • Importing Clips
  • Adding videos
  • Adding photos
  • Editing audio/voiceovers
  • Adding sound effects
  • Creating markers
  • Creating titles
  • Creating backgrounds
  • Creating maps
  • Picture-in-Picture effect
  • Split screen effect
  • Transitions
  • Green screen basics
  • Splitting/trimming clips
  • Speeding/reversing clips
  • Stacking clips
  • Cropping/Ken burns
  • Color correction
  • Bonus recap
  • Exporting your video
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21 Downloadable Video Lessons


iMovie Basics (Computer Editing)

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